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Winter Risk Assessment Special Offer

Accurate Ergonomics (AE) has an innovative new set of proactive tools to assist in the care of your workforce, increase productivity and human efficiency, achieve Zero-Preventable injuries, demonstrate support for the health and well-being of your employees, and more.


AE's customized risk and hazard assessments:


  • Require minimal staff time,

  • Are easy to manage,

  • Minimize ongoing involvement by management,

  • Engage supervisors & employees,

  • They're packed with added value,

  • Allow you to make informed decisions and get the best results.

What's Included:

  1.  .

  • Initial online Introduction Call to review details, current benchmarks and plan for success,

  • On-site Risk Assessment, performed by a Licensed Healthcare Provider & Professional Safety Photographer. 

  • Optional: Trend analysis of your past 3 - 5 years of injury statistics (no employee names),

  • Follow up Zoom Call with stakeholders to review our Specialist's Custom Report of Findings,

  • Discuss any suggestions for improvement.

  • Includes hazard and risk reduction, engineering and administrative control ideas,

  • With priority & timeline guidance using a free online customized interactive spreadsheet.



Phase 2 (Option):


Achieve & Maintain Compliance with OSHA  Title 8 - §3203, §5110 and §3345 (Currently Only for Hotels)


  • Accurate can easily customize a training course for your workforce, featuring your employees, relevant tasks and equipment!

  • Rollout of identified education and skills learning opportunities,

  • Focused on reducing the leading indicators of the Top 10 Causes of the Most Disabling Injuries (Read Me).

  • Courses can be delivered by your staff via a Train-the-Trainer course, classroom style or online through Accurate's Online Learning Academy or your own internal LMS.

  • Online or on-site support to help keep things on track, from an outside and objective perspective.


2022 will be the Best Year Yet!


This value packed offer is a great way to meet and begin to work together.

Start 2022 on Solid Footing


90% of Injuries Are Preventable!

Here's How!

"We Guarantee You'll Be Pleasantly Surprised at How Much We Can Help Your Business & Your Workforce Thrive."

Because we "Measure What Matters," Stakeholders see leading human risk indicators with a new perspective, and are able agree on and engage in solutions that will improve critical company and workforce numbers, at work and home.

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