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Today, more employees are working from home than ever before.

Team Accurate is Ready to Help!

While your employees work hard to keep your company profitable, your job is to keep them healthy and injury-free.
Here's how you can help your at-home workers.
Online Integrated Health, Ergonomics & Injury Prevention Education and Training 
Provide timely and critical information for your remote workforce. This online program offers effective and meaningful education and training courses:
  • Remote Worker Health, Ergonomics & Injury Prevention: Integrated Health, Ergonomics & Injury Prevention, designed for remote workers that work at a desk or other surface (7 Module Course)
  • Plus 2 Bonus Modules - Vision Comfort & Sitting Has Consequences
  • Ergonomics Best Practices (Single Module Course)
  • Courses include quizzes, checklists, a workstation and postural self-improvement process, workstation reminder deliverables - and much more!
Training is proven to reduce risk, enhance awareness and improve habits & behaviors. Critical information for your employees, while working from home and when they return to the office. 
Remote Ergonomics Assessments & Evaluations

Chances are good that your employee's home-office is not designed as well as their on-site workstation. This exposes your valuable employees to painful and costly injuries, that take away from your bottom-lime.

Our healthcare and ergonomics specialists are available to meet your employees online to improve their health, ergonomics and ensure they are working as efficiently as possible off-site.

The process is easy, cost-effective and can be delivered as a stand-alone service, as well as before or after participating in a PAUSE for Prevention training course.

Call 1.866.950.3746 or email

New & Existing Desk & Workstation Set-Ups

At-Home - Kitchen Table Ergonomics

Prevention-Based Ergonomics Evaluations & Assessments

Symptomatic Evaluations & Assessments

Now is the Time to Take Action!
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The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused many businesses and people to want to work remotely, full time or on a blended schedule. The pandemic also increased stress levels, changed people's sleeping, eating, exercise habits, and much more. And the numbers don't look good. 

AE training courses are engaging, meaningful and help people live and work a better life. The process of enrolling your employees is easy. We can do all of the set-up for you, or you can do it yourself. 
To assist our clients and as many companies and employees as possible during these changing times, Accurate Ergonomics has the solutions you need.

"AE specialists stand ready to take excellent care of your remote workforce."

Add one or more Training Courses and/or Remote Ergonomic Evaluations or Assessments to your cart, or contact us to schedule individual assessments and/or remote employee training or coaching. We're here to help!

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Ergonomics Best Practices

Call for Pricing
Call for Pricing
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Now is a perfect time to show your employees that you genuinely care about their health and safety!

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