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Remote Home Office Ergonomics Assessment

During a remote ergonomics assessment an AE specialist will meet you online (Virtual), perform a full or partial n ergonomics assessment, and may provide health, wellness and ergonomics coaching. If an assessment report is needed, advise your assessor. An additional charge will apply. 


An Accurate Ergonomics team member will contact you or your supervisor if your employer is paying for this service, plus email assessment instructions and a personal session invitation.


Types of Remote Assessments:

  • Virtual (Remote) Assessment - Follow Up to Taking an AE Training Course (30 Minute Minimum) 
  • New or Existing Full Home-Office Workstation Set-Up (60 Minutes)
  • Symptomatic Sssessment (90 Minutes)
  • Worker's Compensation Assessments (120 minutes)



Select your preferred type of assessment and enter the information required in the fields provided.


Once we receive your payment and contact information a team member will contact you, send the appropriate forms and instructions to prepare for your assessment, and set up a date and time to meet online. 

Remote Home Office Ergonomics Assessment

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