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Remote Ergonomic Assessments (DD01)

During a remote ergonomics assessment an AE specialist or certified affiliate will meet you or your employee online (Virtual), perform an ergonomic assessment, provide health, wellness and ergonomics coaching, plus deliver a follow up ergonomic assessment report.


An Accurate Ergonomics team member will contact either the person whom will receive the assessment, or their supervisor and email assessment instructions and a personal session invitation.


Types of Assessments:


  • Shelter In Place Special (30-60 Minutes)
  • New or Existing Workstation Set-Up (60-90 Minutes)
  • Preventative Assessment (60-90 Minutes)
  • Symptomatic or Worker's Compensation Assessments (90-120 mMnutes)




Select your type of assessment and enter the information required in the fields provided.


Once we recieve your payment and contact information a team member will contact you, send the appropriate forms and instructions to prepare for the assessment, and set up a date and time to meet online.


If you heard about this service through a third party, such as your DC, PT or MD, or you have a discount dose, please let us know their name or the code when we connect, or enter it on your pre-assessment form when you receive this form or link via email.


Team Accurate



Remote Ergonomic Assessments (DD01)

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