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P.O.W.E.R.™ Hotel Training Package (Doc-in-a-Box™) - Spanish (WD)

Standard Doc-in-a-Box™ packages include training materials that are custom printed and shipped separately to your hotel. To minimize tha cost of delivering training, this course allows you to print your own course materials (Deliverables) from within the content of the course (Saving the Cost of Custom Printing).


Packages for 5 to 100 employees are listed. For orders over 100 employees contact AE.

Payment Option: Contact Team Accurate if you prefer to be invoiced versus using a credit card.


Select the number of Spanish speaking employees and complete the form. A Team Accurate customer support specialist will contact you to complete your order, provide instructions and answer any questions. Package includes 24/7 access to P.O.W.E.R.™ classroom training modules for both current and new hires, located on AE's Online Learning Academy.


After you add this package to your cart, visit the Hotel Training & Support Services page, then click on the Leadership (Train-the-Trainer) button to add a virtual or online Train-the-Trainer course to your purchase.ner) button to add a virtual or online Train-the-Trainer course to your purchase.

P.O.W.E.R.™ Hotel Training Package (Doc-in-a-Box™) - Spanish (WD)

  • Doc-in-a-Box™ training programs and packages require a copyright and license agreement. A free one year license is included in the prices listed. 

    License gives your hotel 24/7 access to this training course so that you may train both current empoyees and future new hires at any time, discounts on deliverables, plus annual training modules designed to ensure your hotel and workforce maintains compliance with OSHA regulations.

    Call AE for more details at 1-866-950-3746 or email

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