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P.O.W.E.R.™ Hotel Training Package (Doc-in-a-Box) - English

This package includes an implementation and instructor guide, custom printed course deliverables for the number of learners selected, plus 24/7 access to P.O.W.E.R.™ classroom training modules for current employees and future new hires, located on AE's Online Learning Academy.


Packages for 5 to 100 employees are listed. For orders over 100 employees contact AE.

Payment Option: Contact Team Accurate if you prefer to be invoiced versus using a credit card.


Select the number of English speaking employees, complete the order form and submit your order. A Team Accurate customer support specialist will contact you to complete your order, provide instructions and answer any questions.


After you add this package to you cart, visit the Hotel Training & Support Services page, then click on the Leadership (Train-the-Trainer) button to add a virtual or online Train-the-Trainer course to your purchase.


If you desire to print your own course deliverables from within the contents of a course (saving the cost of custom printing and shipping), look for a package labeled (WD) - With Deliverables, or contact Accurate Ergonomics.

P.O.W.E.R.™ Hotel Training Package (Doc-in-a-Box) - English

  • Doc-in-a-Box™ training programs and packages require a copyright and license agreement. A free year one license is included in prices listed.

    License gives your hotel 24/7 access to this training course so that you may train both current employees and future new hires at any time, discounts on a variety of deliverables, plus annual training modules designed to ensure that your hotel and workforce maintains compliance with OSHA regulations.

    Call AE for more details at 1-866-950-3746 or email

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