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The future is bright!

Over the years we have had the privilege of helping thousands of people improve their lives, at work and at home. From the first day on the job through to retirement.

We have been busy during the pandemic taking care of our clients needs. We have also been busy creating solutions that make it easier and more affordable than ever to share our successful training courses, system and behavioral-change methodology with more companies and their valuable employees.

No matter what type of company you own, manage or work for, chances are you lost some workers during the pandemic.

We are not a staffing agency, but we do know that finding and keeping good talent is hard to do these days and comes at a high cost. People have gotten used to working from home and like the freedom and autonomy. Some people have become day traders and others have left your employ to take a new job or explore a new career path.

Because of the pandemic ("a health emergency"), surveys show that people have had ample time to reconsider their career path, the type of company and employer they are willing to work for, and have had time to rethink their priorities in life.

The Challenge

Surveys show that employees are more concerned about their health than with productivity.

That may sound terrible at first, since productivity and getting the job done are two driving forces in most companies, and for good reason. But it's really a solid strategy when you stop and think about it. An unhealthy person, someone with a short term illness or injury usually doesn't get the full connection between one's health and prosperity, let alone the role longevity plays in their career and retirement.

You probably remember the phrase, "We are going to shut down for 2 weeks, to flatten the curve." The pandemic lasted far longer than that, and everyone, 100% of the population has been affected forever. When is the last time that happened? The Spanish Flu, World War II...? Some people got mildly sick, some got very sick, and some people died.

We all know, or are very close to someone that had a terrible outcome, and it's still not over. Some people, maybe even yourself still have some lasting negative outcomes, like low energy or shortness of breath. Some people have also experienced negative health outcomes from Vaccines or other treatments.

It doesn't matter who you are, where you live 0r where you work... we are surrounded by change. It seems like every day there's a new variant (Delta, Lambda, Omicron, Lamborghini), a new mask rule or mandate, issues with vaccines, or a potential shutdown somewhere.

That makes people nervous, which; increases their awareness and situational risk, body consciousness, personal health and safety decisions, career choices, school options, and more.

What we can tell you is that healthy people with the right knowledge, skills and efficient behaviors stay on the job longer, are absent less, more productive and happier than their counterparts. Everyone Wins!

Employees think that their employers are responsible for their health.

Without going into perceptions and why people feel or see things the way they do, the fact that 81% of people surveyed feel the same way is enough to make this challenge the real deal.

Many people spend half or more of their life working or at least at work. With OSHA, the CDC, EPA and local Public Health Agencies shaping workplace policies and practices more than ever, people appreciate what businesses are doing, but people feel that they are more likely to get sick if they go to work.

What can you do as an employer? Plenty!

Take action now or make a plan to do so soon, to show employees that are on the job, still at home, prospects and new hires, that you understand their concerns and you are listening. even if they are not verbalizing their health and safety fears directly to you.

People look up to leaders, that look out for their employees.

6 things you can do to show people that you care...

  • Perform a Risk & Hazard Assessment around ergonomics, the risk of soft-tissue 75injuries (backs, necks, shoulders, wrists, knees). More than 75% of your workers suffer from discomfort and pain.

  • Employees appreciate the attention to what actually ails them. Any knowledge and skills that they can learn and integrate into their lives is always met with a positive response.

  • Perform an assessment of your infectious disease control process and evaluate the chemicals you use. Are they healthy for people, children, pets, and the watershed (Planet)?

  • We have talked to many employees and can report that they are very aware of the potential dangers to their health from some of the chemicals being used today. If you and your company tells your employees that you care about their health and safety.

  • Call Xtreme Prevention at 1-866-755-2321 and ask about Xtreme Treatment Compound. This is not the time to save 50 Cents when you can do so much more.

  • Communicate. Let your employees know that you care and that there is going to be some great training coming heir way. This is a great opportunity to show and message how much you care about your people, not just their production.

  • Train your Managers, Supervisors and internal trainers. These employees need education and training just as much as your workers do. They need to be accountable for both compliance and for positive change occurring as a result of training. Call them the re-enforcers!

  • Deliver some excellent education and skills training that is relevant to the risks your employees face today. Training that includes practical sessions for adult learners, with skills that will enhance their career and life.

  • Have a plan and process in place to implement post training. Something that reinforces lessons and skills learned, engages and motivates employees in their own improvement process.

During the pandemic we upgraded our training programs and created a few new courses, including a course for remote employees who work at a desk.

AE training courses focus on:

  • Improving every employee health & wellness

  • Changing people's behaviors and habits

  • Helping every person be more efficient in whatever they do

  • Reducing fatigue, discomfort, pain and injuries

  • Reducing turnover and absenteeism

  • Minimizing workers' comp claims

  • Raising engagement and communication levels

  • And building a culture of prevention

  • No matter what tasks people perform

AE has training courses and complete programs available for employees that have physical jobs, and courses designed for employees that sit at a desk. at work or at a home office. Courses can be delivered via a train-the-trainer, classroom style, led by your own staff, online via our LMA, or you can purchase a DIY package.

Call AE today at 1.866.950.ERGO.

Not just training, our programs retrain your employees so that they have the skills necessary to work and live a better life!

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