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The Case for Prevention

If the lessons learned from the Coronavirus teach us anything, it is that prevention and being proactive versus reactive in how we care for the health and safety of ourselves and our workforce, can never again be overlooked. The cost of inaction leads to financial burdens that must be paid in full, now or in the future.

Treatment and Workers Comp costs are significantly higher than prevention.

Suddenly many companies are faced with accommodating employees to work from home. Many employers are unprepared for this new reality and are reaching out to us for assistance.

Employees are more at risk of declining health or a Musculoskeletal Injury when they are at home versus working in a controlled workplace environment. We have several proven solutions in place and are ready to support you and your at-home workers with this new challenge immediately.

Now more than ever, people need to have the tools necessary to take personal responsibility and maintain their health and productivity.

Click here to learn more about our Remote Employee Services. We are also offering some Business-2-Business pricing as our way of supporting fellow businesses in California and throughout the United States during these extraordinary times.

Contact us at 1.866.950.3746 or email to learn more about this special offer.

Part 2 of this series we will focus on reducing risk and delivering solutions for returning employees to work, keeping them at work, plus remote employee solutions.

Part 3 will focus on what employers can do to increase engagement and training options for employees that have physical or at-desk jobs, but are unable to be on-site due to the Coronavirus.

Stay Tuned and Remember #PreventionMatters!


Accurate Ergonomics has specialized in employee health, injury prevention and human efficiency for over 35 years. We help both employers and their workforce develop a sustainable Culture of Prevention, at home and work. Health is 24/7 and we are all personally responsible for our own health and safety.

Our integrated health & wellness, ergonomics and injury prevention training system will help your employees: increase efficiency, reduce fatigue & discomfort and stay engaged to prevent costly injuries.

If your budget is tight, we have a new subscription plan that gives you everything you need at a truly affordable price.

Visit our website at, contact Accurate Ergonomics at 1.866.950.3746, or email


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