Survey Finds Major Shift in Employee Mindsets

79% of Employees Value Health Over Productivity

Our experiences in life bring renewed priorities and new expectations. While it’s clear there will be new priorities and expectations from the employee-employer relationship because of the pandemic, there is uncertainty among organizations as to what those are.

A survey of office workers across the U.S. was taken, to better understand how employee mindsets have shifted after over a year of working from home.

  1. What are employees’ greatest concerns as they return to the workplace?

  2. What do employees expect of employers?

  3. What changes do employees want and expect to see in their workplace?

  4. What will make them feel safe to return and remain a part of your workforce?

What was discovered: Employees now possess a powerful new awareness of the impact their office and other work environments - therefore their employers - have on their overall health.

91% of Employees Say Employers are Responsible for Their Health

After over a year of living with the pandemic, employees expect significant changes in the office. Not only to protect them from COVID-19, but from all common illnesses (seasonal flus, the common cold, coronavirus variants 'Alpha & Delta,' etc.). This critical transformation is paving the way for solutions that better addresses how organizations protect human health and the planet.

Priorities Have Shifted, Putting a Greater Focus on Health Than Ever Before.

This represents a major shift in the mentality of the American workforce. The pandemic has and will continue to transform every part of our lives. With reported levels of loss, stress and burnout higher than ever before, America's employees are now putting their health first.

H&S experts have tried to accomplish for decades, with marginal results. An example would be reducing obesity and diabetes through government programs and nutritional awareness - a focus of many wellness programs and countless dollars spent over the last 1o-20 years, only to find out that the metrics have only gotten worse.

88% of Office Workers Feel They Have a Responsibility to Not Get Co-Workers Sick.

This is an indication that gone are the days of taking OTC daytime medications and “powering through” the workday, when we feel or know that we under the weather.

The results on the other side of this is a workforce that will take action if they don’t feel safe. Employees now expect employers to make significant changes in the workplace, not only to protect them from COVID-19, but from all common illnesses and injuries, and from many of the toxic chemicals used today.

The consequence for employers that do not take the appropriate actions is that people will leave. Over 3 in 5 American employees would look for another job if their employer didn’t implement sufficient infection prevention protocols and improve health outcomes at work. This sends a critical message to employers: Healthy spaces are no longer just about COVID - people want 24/7/365 protection.

Employees Believe Working in an Office Makes Them More Likely to Get Sick.

After a year of working from home to protect ourselves, co-workers and our families from COVID-19, it turns out 40% of Americans report getting sick less often. As a result of this newfound realization, we now know that our health can actually be better.