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OSHA Penalties are Rising and One Citation can Cost $132k

According to OSHA and NIOSH, the #1 thing employers should focus on, is “Protecting the musculoskeletal system of employees.” Is your company doing everything possible and required by OSHA to protect your employees from soft-tissue and spinal injuries?

The main goal of health and safety programs is to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, as well as the suffering and financial hardship these events can cause for employers, workers and their families. Once a safety and health program is established, it should be evaluated periodically and at least annually to verify what is working and what is not, and whether a program is on track to achieve positive outcomes.

The General Duty Clause requires employers to provide their employees with a workplace free from recognized hazards likely to cause serious physical harm. One of the "root causes" of workplace injuries is the failure to identify or recognize hazards and risk that are present, or that could have been anticipated. A proactive, ongoing process to identify and assess workplace hazards and risk includes a work site evaluation and musculoskeletal risk assessment designed to prevent costly injuries.

Title 8, Section 3203 (IIPP) states than employers should perform periodic assessments to ensure their injury prevention program is up to date and effective. This should occur at least annually, whenever new tools or equipment are introduced, a process changes, and when a new hazard or risk factor is discovered as the result of an injury or incident investigation. Section 5110 (RMI - Repetitive Motion Injuries) also requires employers to evaluate risk and provide training whenever there is more than one RMI in the last 12 months, caused by an identical task or work activity.

Accurate Ergonomics (AE) is the perfect resource to ensure compliance and prevent loss. An AE worksite evaluation and musculoskeletal risk assessment will identify your worksite’s strengths, highlight areas for improvement and provide an opportunity to implement effective control measures, including changing workforce behaviors.

Has it been a year or longer since your last worksite evaluation? You owe it to your company, workforce and bottom-line to have AE’s musculoskeletal injury prevention specialists perform an assessment. No matter where your company currently stands regarding health and safety excellence, AE will help you raise your health and safety bar even higher.

Take the Accurate Ergonomics challenge today. Our specialists will provide an objective analysis of your injury history, measure behaviors and risk against performance objectives, and share a report of findings and control measure recommendations with stakeholders.

Since this is budget season, an AE risk assessment will allow you to plan for success in 2020. If you do not have the time or resources to perform a risk assessment, AE can meet you online, discuss improvement strategies and solutions, then send you a proposal for budget consideration.

Visit or call 707-894-4544 or 1-866-950-3746 (ERGO) today.


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