How to Protect Your Employees in 2021, with a Limited Budget

Many lessons were learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. The most critical take away for companies of all industries, is that prevention and being proactive in how we care for the health and safety of our workforce, must never be overlooked. The cost of inaction leads to financial burdens that must be paid in full, now or in the future.

Many organizations are struggling financially due to COVID-19 and stakeholders are having a difficult time gaining approval for requested funds. Some are even letting go of their internal ergonomists and safety team members.

Now more than ever, employees and supervisors need to have the tools necessary to ensure safety compliance and achieve measurable success. The priceless benefits: improved efficiency, loss prevention and a workforce who learn to take personal responsibility for their own health and safety, as well as that of their peers and family. Health is 24/7.

Turnover, loss of productivity, treatment and workers comp costs are significantly higher than prevention. Yet why is this still overlooked by so many?

According to OSHA & NIOSH, the most effective solution to prevent loss is to provide essential workers, returning employees, new hires and a remote workforce, with effective education and skills training. The operative word is "effective." Training which actually changes the behaviors of your workforce and prevents costly Musculoskeletal injuries (backs, necks, shoulders and knees),

Think about this: If 5 minute tailgates, 10 minute videos, 20 minute training classes or safety talks actually worked, there would be very few illnesses or expensive soft-tissue injuries, however, that's not the case for most organizations.

Studies show that the loss due to inefficient postures, presenteeism, injury/illness and lack of training, averages $4.40 per hour, per employee. That equates to over $8,000 a year, or $880.000 for every 100 employees.

What can employers do, during these challenging times to overcome the COVID budget barrier and receive a significant return on their investment?

AE's education and skills training programs have been proven to pay for themselves and add money to your bottom-line.

Our training courses reduce key leading risk indicators and minimize loss. They are proven to help drive progress in several key areas:

  • Human and Task Efficiency

  • Improved Postures

  • Increased Productivity

  • Enhanced Peer-to-Peer Communications

  • Risk Awareness and more

How can Accurate Ergonomics assist your company during these financially challenging times? That's the easy part!

Contact us at 1.866.950.3746 or email to learn how your organization can provide the most effective training available.

Give us 15 minutes of your time. We'll show you how your company or organization can easily integrate proven solutions with a limited budget and time constraints.

Schedule a private meeting with Accurate Ergonomics by clicking here.

Accurate Ergonomics has specialized in employee health, injury prevention and human efficiency for over 35 years. Every client has achieved an enhanced Culture of Prevention.

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