COVID-19: Hospitality Associate's Health & Safety is Essential for Returning Employees & New Hires

Prevention and being proactive versus reactive in how you care for the health and safety of your Associates is more important to your hotel's workforce and bottom-line, than ever before. Without healthy, injury-free Associates profit goals are difficult if not impossible to achieve.

The cost of each soft-tissue injury is equal to the cost of cleaning over 6,500 rooms.

Managers, supervisors and employees need to have the education, tools, skills and prevention-based behaviors necessary to maintain their health during and long after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. The goal is to improve employee health, increase productivity and to have every employee remain injury-free, every shift and throughout their entire career.

Our advise to you is to take full advantage of this "Window of Opportunity" to improve the health and skills of your returning workforce, new hires and essential workers, including staff that is working remotely.

Accurate Ergonomics has been training hotel workforces, improving employee health and preventing costly musculoskeletal injuries for over 30 years. Our team can show your team how to accomplish your hotel's current and future health and safety goals, plus ensure you are in compliance with OSHA/CDC COVID-19 and MIPP regulations (Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program), today and every day moving forward.

What is the best type of mask to wear, and why?

How do you remove gloves and prevent infection at the same time?

When should housekeepers wear eye protection?

How can a housekeeper make up for the time spent sanitizing?

These are great questions and Accurate Ergonomics has the answers and solutions. There are many more safe behaviors and best practices that every Supervisor and Associate needs to understand, for their own health and safety, as well as coworkers, guests and your entire hotel

With the right plan and effective, sustainable solutions you can right size safely, improve safe behaviors, reduce risk and prevent loss - All at the Same Time!

Strategic thinking hoteliers will take advantage of this opportunity, because they know OSHA fines are expensive, plus as business and bookings improve, occupancy rates and scheduling training will become more challenging, just like before the pandemic.

Reopening and staffing your hotel the right way, with the best hospitality training program in the industry, will solve these challenges and more - once and for all!

  • Associates will feel better

  • Own the skills and behaviors they need to maintain their own health and safety

  • Know that you care about each of them, as well as their productivity

  • Be more engaged and have greater loyalty

  • Receive the education & training they need to be more efficient

  • Save energy and save time cleaning guest rooms, lobbies and more

  • Prevent costly and painful injuries

  • Pass an OSHA inspection

  • Add real value to your Hotel & Guest Experience

Wouldn't it be great if every employee had an extra 45 minutes or more per shift to make up for some of the time lost to sanitation.

Accurate Ergonomics offers proven solutions that will keep your Hotel, Associates and Guests Healthy & Safe, today and tomorrow.

  • COVID-19 Risk & Hazard Assessments and Action Plans

  • IIPP/MIPP Risk and Hazard Assessments

  • Mock OSHA Inspections (IIPP/MIPP)

  • COVID-19 Infectious Disease Control Best Practices Training Course

  • MIPP Essentials Training for Housekeeping Department personnel

  • Health, Ergonomics & Injury Prevention Training for Office, Admin & Front Desk

  • Online Learning & Classroom Training, delivered by Your Staff

  • On-Site Classroom Training & Live Webinar Training Options

  • Train-the-Trainer Programs & Do-it-Yourself Packages

  • Compliance & Sustainability Packages

  • Remote/Virtual Assessments & Courses for At-Home Employees

  • Tele-Health and Tele-Ergonomics, with Personal Coaching

If your budget it tight this year, our subscription model is just what your hotel needs.

You get 24/7 access to the courses your workforce needs, discounts on deliverables, new hire training any day and time, and a Training Program and System you can count on years into the future - at truly affordable prices.


Click on "Training" on the navigation bar, then on "Hotel Training & Support Services" to read more about our education and skills training programs, then call us with any questions. We're here to help you and your workforce.

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