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People share many similarities, but every person is unique. Some people are taller. Some are born physically stronger. Some have pre-existing conditions when hired. Some are older and some are in their first few days or years of their career.


Because every body is different, every person has their own unique set of habits, behaviors and challenges. When it comes to solutions, many are designed to address every person uniformly or check off a regulatory item. However, if solutions do not address the unique challenges people face, injuries and illnesses will continue to harm your workforce, and your bottom line.

Accurate Ergonomics designed our education and skills training system in a way which addresses the knowledge gaps, perceptions and mindsets which exist in the vast majority of people.

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While some solutions are personal decisions or choices, such as not every employee wants to lose weight, wear a step tracker or join a gym; the common thread among employees is that most people would like to be more efficient and productive... it's human nature.

The problem is that people do not want to be told to be more efficient, or to not injure themselves. People need to be educated, trained and coached until they become efficient. 

Accurate Ergonomics developed intellectual property which draws from five separate health and safety disciplines. provides a method that helps every person change critical, individual behaviors and habits, become more efficient and prevent soft-tissue injuries, often for life.

By delivering the right information, in the right way, with a set of specific skills learned during training and reinforced through one of our engaging compliance and sustainability programs; our process ensures that key training goals and skills becomes sustainable.

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