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Employers want to do everything they can to prevent employee injuries. Many companies want to deliver a premium level of services to their workforce, wherein AE specialists provide on-site education and skills training, however, not every company enjoys a premium budget.

Accurate Ergonomics created Doc-in-a-Box™ Do-it-Yourself (DIY) training packages so that every employer is able to deliver an "effective" health, ergonomics and soft-tissue injury prevention training program, without having to drain their budget or wait for approval.


Doc-in-a-Box™ packages include everything internal trainers and supervisors need to deliver a truly meaningful and memorable education and skills training experience to any workgroup, or your entire workforce.

P.A.U.S.E. for Prevention Doc-in-a-Box training packages are designed for employees that sit or stand at a desk or other workstation. There are packages for At-Desk Professionals and for Communication, Dispatch and Call Center Professionals.

Doc-in-a-Box packages are scalable and are available for immediate purchase. Packages include an implementation and instructor guide, plus a variety of required and optional course materials. 

There are also support and compliance packages available, that include their own deliverables, wall posters and more.

Click on a button below to add a Doc-in-a-Box™ training course or package, or a support and sustainability package below to your cart. 




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