team "A.E." is on a mission


We help companies educate and train their workforce with the knowledge and confidence they need to elevate safety, productivity, ensure compliance and develop a culture of prevention.

Our integrated health and safety solutions impact thousands of supervisors and front-line workers, creating continuous engagement to minimize costly workplace injuries and improve operational excellence.

Our mission is to ensure your workforce is 100% knowledgeable, 100% confident and 100% efficient, 100% of the time - at work and home. 

Reach the Top

Our goal is to help organizations define and manage their ergonomics and musculoskeletal injury and illness prevention program, in a way which saves time and money, is highly effective, sustainable and promotes positive change at every level.

Our training system and process inspires leadership, engages employees and provides organizations with a clear path and the tools necessary to navigate a course of continuous improvement.

The ultimate goal is to achieve sustainable, world-class injury prevention excellence and a culture of prevention.


Team Accurate is 100% committed to “preventing the preventable.”

90% of injuries do not have to happen. Our primary goal is to help clients build healthy, sustainable, efficient and injury-free workforces.

The results are increased long-term profitability and employment opportunities, a healthy business life cycle and a profitable bottom-line.

Our training programs have helped hundreds of companies save hundreds of millions of dollars in direct and indirect costs associated with injuries. We have also helped a countless number of employees prevent themselves and their coworkers from having to experience painful injuries, by empowering them with the knowledge they need to achieve success.

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