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When Leaders don’t lead... 
Employees don’t follow.

This is especially true with regard to health, safety and injury prevention. Leaders constantly communicate priorities and strategies to their workers, whether they intend to or not.


With AE training, leaders are able to "take control" of the messages they communicate and use the knowledge gained through training to promote health, safety, efficiency and injury prevention 24-7-365. In a culture of prevention; honest, timely and effective communication  becomes a deeply entrenched organizational value.


Trained leaders are able to set levels of production and expectations that include effective countermeasures and efficient postures during every task. With AE's leadership & supervisor training (Train-the-Trainer), your staff will learn the value of prevention. Engaged participants learn why and how to change employee behaviors, improve human efficiency and operational excellence. We weave workplace cultural elements, helping participants learn how to be a positive and supportive influence on employees and contribute to a sustainable culture of prevention.

With additional responsibilities in today’s competitive economy, supervisors and employees alike are multi-tasking more than ever before and often struggle to successfully prioritize their time or balance workflow, for their own health and safety. This often results in employees rushing or failing to complete their tasks in a safe manner, taking shortcuts and increasing the risk of becoming injured. AE training modules teach leaders and employees why and how to plan, prepare and execute for success, every day and during every task. 

AE has surveyed thousands of workers over a multi-year period. "Common subjective responses include a lack of time to complete their duties." To prevent injuries and illnesses, leaders and supervisors must engage employees and play a continuous role in changing and reinforcing employee perceptions, habits, skills, behaviors and mindsets.

Prior to receiving AE training, even in companies with excellent leadership practices, the average workforce efficiency rating remains at only 25-35%. The goal of every leader is to empower their employees to perform every task safely, without the risk of injury, and for every body in your workforce to protect their health and Musculoskeletal system.


It is critically important that both leaders and employees understand: how the musculoskeletal and nervous systems work, the importance of efficient postures, prevention-based habits and behaviors, and that every person has a true understanding of the total value of prevention in their life. The level of change accomplished through the Accurate Ergonomics P.O.W.E.R. and P.A.U.S.E.™ for Prevention training courses are enjoyed by all when fatigue, stress, pain syndromes and MSD Injuries are minimized, even eliminated in many cases.

Without this depth of specific information, leaders and supervisors will continue to experience gaps between their intentions and desired results, and may lose sight of organizational values and goals. Gaps in management expectations and employee perceptions negatively influence behaviors, actions and have a negative impact on culture. AE Leadership & Supervisor Development (Train-the-Trainer) courses ensure that managers and supervisors become "effective" injury prevention leaders.

The AE leadership training process teaches leaders and supervisors how to recognize and measure the leading indicators of risk, plus how to engage employees in order to control risk and eliminate at-risk behaviors and postures. This is accomplished by developing constructive intervention skills and by increasing daily involvement and positive communications around the real health, safety and prevention issues that challenge approximately 80% of the average workforce, in a meaningful way.

When employees observe the commitment of their managers and supervisors to a healthy and injury-free workplace, it becomes much easier for employees to increase their level of personal responsibility and peer-to-peer accountability, follow safe work practices and perform every task efficiently and without becoming injured, even when no one is watching!

Click on a selection below to learn more about program specific leadership training for active job descriptions (P.O.W.E.R.™), or at-desk occupations (P.A.U.S.E.™). Then add your choice of Train-the-Trainer courses to your shopping cart.

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