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When Leaders don’t lead... 
Employees don’t follow.

This is especially true with regard to health, safety and injury prevention. Leaders constantly communicate priorities and strategies to their workers, whether they intend to or not.


With AE training, leaders are able to "take control" of the messages they communicate and use the knowledge gained through training to promote health, safety, efficiency and injury prevention 24-7-365. In a culture of prevention; honest, timely and effective communication  becomes a deeply entrenched organizational value.

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Trained leaders are able to set levels of production and expectations that include effective countermeasures and efficient postures during every task. With AE's leadership & supervisor training (Train-the-Trainer), your staff will learn the value of prevention. Participants learn: why and how to change employee behaviors, improve human efficiency,  operational excellence, how to be a positive and supportive influence on employees, and contribute to a sustainable culture of prevention.


It is critically important that leaders understand: how the musculoskeletal and nervous systems work, the importance of efficient postures and prevention-based habits and behaviors, and that managers and supervisors have a true understanding of the total value of prevention in their life and that of their workforce. 

Without this depth of specific information, leaders and supervisors will continue to experience gaps between their intentions and desired results, and may lose sight of organizational values and goals. Gaps in management expectations and employee perceptions negatively influence behaviors, actions and have a negative impact on culture. AE Leadership & Supervisor Development (Train-the-Trainer) courses ensure that managers and supervisors become "effective" injury prevention leaders.

When employees observe the commitment of their managers and supervisors to a healthy and injury-free workplace, it become easy for employees to increase their level of personal responsibility and become engaged in the process of peer-to-peer safety and prevention. In this culture every employee follows safe work practices and performs every task efficiently and without becoming injured, even when no one is watching!

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