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A SMART Investment in integrated Ergonomics, Health and Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention, Pays Dividends over the Entire Life of a Company.


OSHA regulations require "effective" training in every Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), and in the Hotel Housekeeping Muscuoskeletal Injury Prevention Program (MIPP) regulation.

The benefits of an “effective” ergonomics and musculoskeletal injury prevention program extend far beyond compliance and preventing injuries, even beyond lowering costs.

NIOSH and OSHA both say, "The #1 focus of employers should be protecting the musculoskeletal system of employees."

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Organizations are always looking for ways to reduce risk and improve workforce health and safety outcomes, but today every employer is also searching for ways to offset the increasing costs of maintaining a workforce and running a business.

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are one of the biggest financial threats organizations face in the 21st Century. There are over 800,000 back surgeries and 500,000 Carpal Tunnel surgeries and more than 275 Million Opioid and other pain killer prescriptions written every year, in the US alone.


More money is spent and more productivity is lost to back and neck pain than any other medical condition, including cancer. A human productivity study of more than 30,000 workers shows that 0ver 50% of the average workforce is non-productive 5.5 hours a week. In a separate study, employees surveyed calculated that they were non-productive 57 days a year - almost 2 months.

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Absenteeism costs US businesses about 150 Billion dollars a year. While that number is high, presenteeism (non-productive time while on the clock, due to fatigue, discomfort and pain), costs employers 1.5 Trillion dollars a year.           

Education and training are the most effective tools to reduce risk and improve safe and efficient behaviors. Training is also a critical tool every employee needs to have in their personal protection toolbox, at work and at home


The AE Injury Prevention education and skills training process delivers sustainable positive results for every employee, every time. The knowledge, skills, behaviors and tools every business and every employee needs to remain healthy, injury-free and profitable, from the 1st day on the job all the way to and in retirement.

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AE training programs not only reduce risk and prevent loss, our tried and tested process: improves employee health, wellness and fitness; increases human efficiency and productivity; improves communications, morale and lowers turnover rates. These results and more convert loss into new layers of profit. The only winners when an injury occurs are surgeons, treatment providers, pharmaceutical companies and insurance carriers. In these industries, there's profit in prevention.

MSDs, the behaviors and conditions which lead to them occurring, and the consequences which live on for years after an employee returns to work, cost both employers and employees hundreds of billions of dollars every year. This is not a model of efficiency and is not a model which gives a company the competitive edge necessary for success in any economy. Our training programs build the workforce and culture of the future, by creating healthy, efficient, injury-free workers that add profit to every organizations bottom-line.

Accurate Ergonomics delivers highly-effective ergonomics and behavior-based Injury prevention training programs for active occupations (P.O.W.E.R. Training) and at-desk occupations (P.A.U.S.E. for Prevention), plus a full spectrum of on-site and online prevention-based solutions. AE training programs and courses provide employers scalable and affordable options to deliver truly effective education, skills training and positive behavioral-changes, with a unique structured skills reinforcement and coaching process for every employee, workgroup or your entire workforce.

Our training system and process is specifically designed so that behavioral change occurs gradually over weeks and months, until desired skills and behaviors are achieved and positive outcomes become permanent. Because change takes time, training is delivered in phases. The P.O.W.E.R.™ program includes 3 critical phases, because real and sustainable behavioral change takes time.


P.O.W.E.R training contains a series of modules that fill knowledge gaps and teach employees knew skills that learn to apply at work and at home. Our training process reinforces each lesson and skill learned during training and coaching. Each progressive phase of engagement is designed to improve the health, wellness, task and postural efficiency of every body. Our process has been proven to increase human efficiency from an average pre-training measurement of 30%, to 85% or higher for every employee.


AE works with privately owned companies and public agencies of all types and sizes. Employers who are seeking real and sustainable solutions to age old problems, and want to protect their most valuable assets and resources from the devastating direct and indirect costs associated with soft-tissue injuries. OSHA estimated that the cost of each soft-tissue injury is $60,000.

AE specialists are available to deliver on-site training. We also offer train-the-trainer programs, complete Do-it-Yourself (DIY) programs and packages, and can customize an education and training program to match your resources and desired level of positive outcomes.

Employees Rate AE Training Courses 99.7 out of 100.

Employers Enjoy a High Rate of Return on a SMART Investment!

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