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Workplace and workforce education and training are the most effective tools to help people change their habits and behaviors. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, educating and training employees on how to take care of their health and the health ad safety of their coworkers, is more important than ever before. 

Whether your company is reopening and returning employees back to work, you are hiring new workers, or you have a blend of essential, non essential and remote employees, Accurate Ergonomics offers a great COVID-19 Infectious Disease Control Best Practices training course. This course can be taken by individual employees or delivered classroom style by your internal trainers or supervisors.


For subscribers to our training system, this course is included in your subscription.

Select a course below:  1) The course on the left is designed to be delivered classroom style.  2) The course in the center is a course you can assign employees to take on their own.  3) The course on the right is designed for individual employees or any other person to purchase and take on their own.

COVID-19 Infectious Disease Control Best Practices (CL)

Classroom Training Course

COVID-19 Infectious Disease Control Best Practices (IL)

Individual Training Courses

COVID-19 Infectious Disease Control Best Practices

Single Training Course

Instructions for Single Training Course purchases:  1) Click on the Purchase & Take Course button. This will take you to a list of courses that are available for purchase by individuals.  2) Locate the course you want to take, then click on the "See More" button. 3) At the bottom of the course information page, click on the button to purchase the course,


You will receive an email with your access and login information. Check your spam or junk mail folder, as this email is sent automatically from a website and may be blocked.

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