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In 2005 I contracted with Accurate Ergonomics to reduce the number of injuries occurring in our workforce. The results of their training program led to a significant reduction of injuries, year over year, and also changed our culture. The outcomes were so impressive that I have hired them to train every hotel I have worked at since that time.

In 2010, the Accurate Ergonomics training system was implemented in two properties of a Global Brand. Out of 350 Western Regional properties, these two came in first and second for injury reduction and overall Health and Safety program success. One hotel went over a year without an injury, which is almost unheard of in this industry, and the other hotel won Safety Award of the Year.

I have been involved in many different safety programs during my years in this industry. From my experience, the problem with other programs is that they are not sustainable and do not change employee behaviors, long term. Accurate Ergonomics delivers a systematic process which ensures success.

Their training process has three phases that are easy to deliver. This allows a workforce to learn, practice and apply skills, then perfect them over time with the help of our staff. This leads to actual behavioral based change, “Even when no one is looking.”

The results of their training programs last a life time. I have personally changed how I use my body with everyday tasks. For training to actually create permanent and lasting change is a true testament of success.

I highly recommend Accurate Ergonomics to any company who is looking to prevent injuries, improve culture and develop internal ownership of their program.

Mark H., Director of Human Resources

When I first arrived at the San Francisco Airport Hilton Hotel in 1994, our lost time injury frequency was very high and we contracted with Accurate Ergonomics to address the situation.


Within one year the Hotel had not experienced any serious injuries. We won a company award and during my time at the Hotel, our injury and turnover metrics remained low every year.


Based on the positive and sustainable results with their training system, I highly recommend that every employer implement their health, ergonomics and injury prevention program. To this day I still use the skills I learned.


Jim E., Director of Human Resources

Accurate Ergonomics reached out to me as a reference as they were in the process of contracting a global company. I was pleased to oblige them as I was the Managing Director of a global wine brand for years and was able to witness firsthand the positive results of their training system.


That company has since changed ownership, however, I can certainly attest to the fact that the Accurate Ergonomics training system was very well received in the wine and agriculture industry and was very effective at achieving our injury and illness prevention goals.

They began by assessing all tasks, equipment and tools. One effective element of their training process was that the training our employees received was relevant to the specific challenges of each workgroup. Everything was customized to our company and our people.

Their system is a three pronged approach: Training and behavioral based change, risk reduction and mitigation and improved internal communications between management and line staff.

They used bilingual trainers who understand the Latino culture and every employee felt respected in the process. No matter what department they worked in: cellars, bottling, vineyards, warehousing, or our administrative team, training was very well received. Their skills training process made a lasting positive impression with our entire workforce and significantly reduced all types of injuries.

I am now the Plant Manager at Philz Coffee. We recently implemented their ergonomics, health, prevention and safety program at our company and it has already making a big difference in a number of areas.

I highly recommend Accurate Ergonomics to any company who is looking to improve efficiency and prevent loss, or raise the bar on their current ergonomics and injury prevention programs.


Michael G., Plant Manager

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