Employers want to do everything they can to prevent employee injuries. Many companies want to deliver a premium level of services to their workforce, wherein AE specialists provide on-site education and training. However, not every company enjoys a premium budget.

Accurate Ergonomics created Doc-in-a-Box™ Do-it-Yourself (DIY) training packages so that every employer is able to deliver a robust and effective injury prevention training program without having to drain their budget or wait for approval. Doc-in-a-Box™ training packages include everything a internal trainer or supervisor needs to deliver a truly meaningful and memorable education and skills training experience to any workgroup, or your entire workforce.

P.A.U.S.E. for Prevention Doc-in-a-Box training packages are designed for employees that sit or stand at a desk or other workstation. There are packages for at-desk professionals as well as communication dispatch and call center professionals.

Doc-in-a-Box training packages are scalable and are available for immediate purchase in increments of 5 to 100 employees. Packages and programs for organizations with larger workforces are priced separately. Contact AE for details. 

Doc-in-a-Box packages include an implementation and instructor guide, a variety of required course materials and a license agreement. The first year fee is included in the price. Call Team Accurate for a complete list of licensed user benefits, including annual updates, discounts on deliverables and additional courses, annual training modules and much more.

Add a Doc-in-a-Box™ training package, or a support and sustainability package below to your cart. 



for Prevention

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