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Q: Is Xtreme Treatment Compound as effective as other cleaning products, even though many contain toxic chemicals?

A: Used in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, vehicle or office, Xtreme's antimicrobial is a highly effective cleaner and disinfectant that safely and powerfully cleans surfaces throughout your business and home. Because Xtreme is Non-Toxic and biodegradable, it leaves no harsh chemical fumes or residue.  

Q: Is Xtreme safe to use on most surfaces?

A: Yes. Xtreme is safe to utilize on most surfaces, non-porous and porous (Refer to Product Label).

Q: Would you recommend Xtreme for people with allergies or who may be sensitive to harsh chemicals and fumes?

A: Yes. Xtreme contains natural ingredients vs. harsh chemicals and is recommended for those with allergies or chemical sensitivities.


Q: Is Xtreme pet friendly?

A: Yes, Xtreme has been used in Agricultural markets for over 10 years and is safe for use in households with pets.

Q: I use a bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Why should I switch solutions?


A: Bleach, also known as chlorine bleach or sodium hypochlorite is a powerful oxidizing chemical that when mixed with water, forms chlorine radicals that aggressively oxidize other substances.

In application, sodium hypochlorite corrodes plastics and metals, decreasing the useful life of these materials, including expensive sprayers and fogging equipment.


Chlorine is a respiratory irritant. It also attacks mucus membranes and burns the skin. As little as 3.5 ppm can be detected as an odor, and 1,000 ppm is likely to be fatal after a few deep breaths. Another hazard is the formation of dangerous chlorine gas when bleach comes into contact with ammonia. This can happen when it is accidentally mixed into a container with ammonia in it.

Sodium hypochlorite and ozone water must be mixed daily to be effective, as the radicals by nature are not stable and begin to lose their effectiveness over time, some after only a few minutes. Unused sodium hypochlorite and used bleach waste water is dumped into your plumbing system and ultimately the water supply.

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is useful against spores like anthrax. When H2O2 is mixed with water, it forms oxygen radicals and has a disinfecting ability. Hydrogen Peroxide is corrosive, has a short effective shelf life and degrades rapidly in the presence of light. Droplets and mist with Hydrogen Peroxide should not be inhaled.

Oxidizing chemicals may be effective against spores if properly mixed and applied, but users should consider if spores are a primary target pathogen before resorting to the use of oxidizing chemicals.

In contrast, Xtreme Treatment Compound is NON-TOXIC, safe for use on food contact surfaces and is NON-CORROSIVE to metals and plastics, such as wellness and sneeze barriers. Xtreme is also safe for children’s toys and athletic equipment. In addition to these benefits, the price of Xtreme is very competitive when compared to the toxic products currently available.

Xtreme can be used safely on a wider spectrum of surfaces and materials than other products.

Q: I use ECOLAB OASIS™, Caltech DISPATCH™ and/or Clorox Bleach™.  Why should I use XP's Treatment Compound?


A: Our customers use Xtreme because it:

  • Can be used in a wide variety of environments, eliminating the need to have dozens of chemicals in inventory

  • Does not damage skin or mucous membranes

  • Can be fogged directly on electronics, keyboards, plastics and metals without corrosion

  • Does not have to be wiped up and it dries quickly without leaving a residue

  • Safe for food contact surfaces and doesn’t require rinsing

  • Can reach small and difficult to access areas (fogging)

  • Can reach high and low surfaces without bending or using ladders (fogging)

  • Does NOT STAIN and does NOT LEAVE RESIDUES like most other cleaners and disinfectants

  • Areas, Guest Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Classrooms and other spaces can be occupied in just a few seconds 

  • XP's Xtreme Treatment Compound is less expensive to use and has been shown to work for up to 4 days post treatment!

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