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If you want to increase your revenue, become an Accurate Ergonomics Affiliate.

You see and speak with prospects and patients every day, that either work at home or for a local employer.

Accurate Ergonomics (AE) has proven solutions that are easy to deliver, such as online Health, Ergonomics & Injury Prevention training solutions, Tele-Medicine, Tele-Ergonomics & Tele-Coaching, that every company and person needs, no matter what they do to earn a living.  As we say at AE, "Every Body that Owns & Operates a Spine."

As an AE Affiliate, you can increase revenue by offering effective solutions to people that work at a desk, have a  physical job of any kind, and now people working from home. Your contacts and patients that work for a company can help open the door for you or your staff to contact the right person or decision maker, or you can simply refer this information to AE. You receive referral revenue every time this person or company makes a purchase.

An Affiliate can also increase their revenue by selling deeper into employers and your contact/patient list or funnel, by offering new on-site, virtual or remote solutions: Tele-Health, Tele-Ergonomics & Tele-Coaching. These solutions are designed to help individuals, families and children (technology, tech-neck, learning at home, etc.), work and live a better life! 

AE trains and certifies you in our ergonomics solutions and training system, how to perform virtual ergonomics evaluations, coaching techniques and more. Every dollar you earn delivering virtual solutions is 100% yours to keep.

Add even more revenue by recommending and selling courses & training packages, plus add engaging content to your website and our blog/vlog, social media and more. Content that engages and motivates your current and future prospects or patients to invest more in their health & wellness.


Accurate Ergonomics has paved a "path to success" and we are ready to show you how to add revenue to your practice, or to you personally if you do not have an office or are looking for a new opportunity.

In the event that there are no scheduled live webinars, contact Team Accurate to find out more about this opportunity 1.866.950.3746, email, or schedule an online meeting today.

The amount of revenue you can add to your business or practice is only limited by your desire to add profit and retirement income. Below are some basic revenue calculations that represent the annual income potential: 

Income Potential

1)  A minimal commitment of time sending referrals could increase your revenue by $50,000 or more

2)  Spend a few more hours a week and your additional revenue could be $75,000 or more

3)  Maximize your revenue by having all of the tools you need to make $100,000 or More!!

If you have not attended an Affiliate Opportunity Webinar, click on the "Webinar Registration" button below to save a seat for an upcoming live webinar (If nothing opens webinars may not be scheduled at this time).

If you cannot attend a live webinar, but you want to see a video recording of an Affiliate Opportunity webinar, click on the "Request Video" button below, submit a request form and we will send you a link.

If you have already attended a webinar or watched a video recording of a previous live session, your next step is to schedule a meeting (see below), or contact Accurate Ergonomics and select your preferred Affiliate Plan.


We will answer any questions and help you select the best plan for you and your practice to reach or exceed your annual revenue goals. 

If you have not yet completed an Affiliate Information form, click on the button below and complete this brief information form now. Upon receipt of your form an Accurate Ergonomics team member or Regional Affiliate will then contact you to schedule your onboarding, product training and AECA Certification process.

Opportunity Webinar

How You Can Benefit!

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