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The world of Health and Safety includes many disciplines. Since we are subject matter experts in what is a highly-specialized field, we are often asked, “what do you do?” If you’re looking for a bottom-line answer, “We are human efficiency experts.” We help companies build the workforce of the future today, by creating healthy, efficient, injury-free workers and profitable bottom-lines.

We know that organizations are always looking for ways to improve health and safety outcomes, but today every employer is searching for ways they can offset the increasing costs of maintaining a workforce and running a business. Our Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Injury and Illness Prevention solutions provide a much needed competitive edge and a permanent financial advantage for companies in today’s economy.

We have included a lot of great information within our website, but if you or your company are serious about saving time and money and protecting your employees from preventable MSD Injuries, we invite you learn even more by joining our Circle Of Prevention. Membership is free and gives you access to additional layers of valuable information. Here is an overview of what we do:

Who We Are: Accurate Ergonomics is an industrial Injury Prevention company, specializing in the prevention of  Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). Simply put, sprains, strains and soft tissue injuries. Injuries to a person’s: spine, discs, muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves.

Who We Work With:  We work with privately owned companies and public agencies that employee between 100 and 3,000 people. Employers who are seeking sustainable solutions to age old problems – protecting their most valuable assets and resources from the devastating costs associated with MSD Injuries. Since 1987 we have been delivering the absolute best Injury Prevention Training and Behavioral Change Process available in the marketplace, at an affordable price.

  • Employees rate our training system 99.7 out of 100

  • Employers see returns on their SMART investment at a ratio of 10-1, many even higher!

PS1J5462aThe Problem: There are over 20,000 thousand injuries in the United States every day, 365 days a year. Many businesses, along with the people they employ suffer equally in the negative consequences of MSD Injuries. Some people suffer for weeks, but many suffer for years. You probably even know one or two.

Back, shoulder, knee and wrist injuries are the most common and costly MSD Injuries. If a business has employees it’s not a matter of “if” employees will suffer an injury, it’s really a matter of “when.” More importantly, even during a period of time where there are no recordable injuries there is still damage accumulating (cumulative stress, trauma and age related factors), the results just haven’t shown up on the books “yet.”

MSD Injuries, the conditions which lead up to them and the consequences which live on for years after an employee returns to work, cost both employers and employees hundreds of billions of dollars every year. This is not a model of efficiency and is not a model which would give a company the competitive edge necessary for success in this, or any future economy. Studies show that MSDs are one of the biggest financial threats that organizations face in the 21st Century. Our training programs not only prevent loss, our tried and tested process actually improves employee health and fitness, increasing human efficiency and productivity, converting loss into new layers of profit. There are no winners when an injury occurs, except for surgeons and drug manufacturers, maybe even insurance carriers. Why is that? All you have to do is follow the money:

  • When was the last time the cost of your insurance went down?

  • Did you know that there are 500,000 Carpal Tunnel surgeries and 800,000 back surgeries every year in the United States?

  • That a recent JAMA study found an alarming 171% increase in pharmaceutical expenditures for back pain treatment?

  • Did you know that the amount of money spent on back pain is equal to what is spent on cancer, and growing?

  • Is there a chance (where safe behaviors and productivity are concerned), that some of your employees might not be at their absolute best while they’re on the job?

injured-workers-return[1]Most companies would be very surprised if they really knew how many of their employees suffer from preventable fatigue, discomfort and pain on a daily basis. A recent survey of a large company found that 72% of their workforce suffered from these conditions every day. Of those, 87% were Musculoskeletal related. Another study has shown that due to these conditions an average of 50% of a company’s workforce is non-productive 5.5 hours every week. That is a lot of time and money wasted! Is your company hiring people who may be predisposed to becoming injured? Are your aging workers staying on the job longer than they planned? Are your new hires properly  trained so that they have the absolute best chance to stay injury free, for life?

Today, every employer is feeling the pain from rising healthcare, treatment and insurance costs. Whether your business is already taking a big financial hit, or you see trouble looming ahead, we see this as an epidemic with no end in sight. At least not until effective preventative measures and solutions are properly put in place. Today, many businesses are simply doing the same or more work with less people, and without a strategic plan designed to reap the huge benefits derived from an Injury Free workforce. “Benefits which pay dividends for life.” Many companies experience roller coaster metrics, where injuries improve for a period of time, only to decline again. This often leaves management  searching for solutions to age old problems. Problems which are difficult at best to cure without expert outside assistance and without truly changing the long term: habits, behaviors, postures, and the culture of an entire workforce. That may sound like a lofty goal to achieve, however that is precisely what our process accomplishes - time after time. Our process bridges any gaps between management, supervision and line personnel where prevention is concerned, and grows sustainable, positive behavioral change from the inside out.

Just The Facts: There isn’t a single person on this planet who was born with an “Owners Manual” for their spine. In fact, the only schooling most people get about their spine is from the school of hard knocks. Driven by cumulative stress and microtraumas, which are small injuries or damage occurring at a level that employees can’t feel, until it’s too late. When you look at any given workforce, know that only 1 person out of 20 understands why and how to prevent an MSD Injury, and less than 5% of an average workforce possesses all of the skills necessary to ensure a long term, injury free, mutually beneficial career. These are just a few of the leading indicators that lead to costly negative consequences.

Back_pain_ache_2556438b[1]Pain: The word “pain” always get’s people’s attention. Fatigue, discomfort and pain are rarely spoken about out loud, and employees rarely learn from their coworker’s misery. Just think of the buzz if your next injured worker had to wear a big red bow around their waste for 30 days upon returning to work. Coworkers would be running up to Bob saying, “what happened to you?” Just ask one of your employees to explain exactly how cumulative stress and trauma affects their spine? Ask another employee to tell you what the back stress factor is, or to name the 3 things they need to have in place to counteract cumulative stress and effectively prevent an injury? You probably won’t like the answers and you certainly won’t like paying the bill when they get injured. Those are just a few examples of what makes changing these outcomes for the better, so difficult to achieve. This is especially true when attempting to improve what really amounts to behaviors and positive “personal” choices without the assistance of an expert, neutral third party presence.

  • Our Injury Prevention Training System and our proven process puts a stop, once and for all to preventable MSD Injuries – at work and at home. Almost 90% of MSDs are preventable!

  • Our tremendous success of our system has been duplicated in a wide variety of industries, including clients which have gone multiple years without an injury.

  • We have stories from dozens of clients where it is the first time in many years that they have experienced Zero Injuries and Zero Claims, even in industries such as power generation and hospitality.

The Solution: Training is the most effective tool in a company’s safety arsenal. It is also a critical tool every employee needs to have in their personal protection toolbox. Our behavior-based, Injury Prevention education and skills training process delivers results. The knowledge, skills, behaviors and tools every business and every employee needs in order to remain healthy, competitive and profitable, long term. “Everybody Wins!” With costs going up in every related category and people working longer than ever, our solutions provide what is an “essential hedge against inflation.” Our process provides a company with a solid boost in both efficiency and productivity. We have seen more than one client have to reduce their staff by 10-30%, but by implementing our process they were able to increase productivity by the same amount – with “Zero Injuries.” Our services are provided at your facility, and include:

      • MSD SMART Audits and Assessments,

      • Effective, Industry-Leading Injury Prevention Education and Skills Training,

      • Superior Leadership & Supervisor Development,

      • Unique and Effective Body Mechanics and Postural Efficiency Skills Training,

      • Countermeasures – Stretching and Flexibility Exercises, and Core Strengthening,

      • Outstanding On-Site Skills Reinforcement and Coaching,

      • Progressive Positive Reinforcement with Genuine Change in Behaviors and Postures, and Much More!

Our training system is easy to implement which makes it a real value added addition to any companies safety system. Not only does our process prevent costly injuries, it increases human efficiency - an exponential dividend. This makes it possible for any company to not only conquer their MSD Risk and Injuries, but to improve morale, productivity and culture, all at the same time. We have trained thousands of employees and appreciate the fact that every company is unique, so we customize every solution to ensure that it is relevant to the work being performed and to achieve a great organizational and cultural fit. From new hires to aging workers -  We’ve got you covered!

If you’re ready to enjoy the journey, and the benefits of World-Class Injury Prevention Excellence, You’ve Arrived!

Accurate Ergonomics is ready to assist you in developing a Culture of Prevention, so call us at 1-866-950-3746. You can also get started by taking our free 10 minute survey. Our specialists will rate your MSD Risk and send you your MSD Risk Score. Your employees will never have to learn another lesson from the school of hard knocks!


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