What is Ergonomics

Most people have a somewhat fixed perception, and/or their own opinion or definition of the word ergonomics. This is often influenced by their role in a company as well as their own personal experiences. These factors influence the meaning of ergonomics for every individual. For instance, many people view ergonomics as equipment based: keyboards and fancy pointing devices. We included a variety of definitions so that you can see, (from the beginning of any MSD Injury Prevention initiative), just how easy it is for an organization to go “off track” or at least miss golden opportunities based on how these definitions are implemented.

Accurate Ergonomics prefers this definition: Proper Ergonomics is necessary to prevent sprains, strains, and other musculoskeletal disorders, which often develop over time and may lead to: long-term pain, loss of function and/or disability. The goal of ergonomics is to design tasks, jobs, activities, equipment, work areas, and the work environment to remove known risk factors and obstacles which impede optimal performance. The desired result is to prevent MSD Injuries and Illnesses, errors, confusion, mistakes, and to improve overall employee health and wellness as well as overall business performance.

At Accurate Ergonomics, we don’t just focus on tools, equipment and the process; we also focus on Internal Ergonomics, which are the people who perform the tasks. Our education and training programs help every employee, (from new hires to aging workers), understand both why and how to use their equipment and tools, as well as how to engage in all aspects of their work, by using efficient postures wherever possible! Whether training is completed on-line, classroom style, task or chair-side, special attention is given to the understanding of MSD Injuries and the human spine. The importance of the personal role and responsibility of each employee is emphasized, so that they are motivated to want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and are interested and engaged in the process. This is accomplished by promoting healthier choices, developing and maintaining efficient postures, countermeasure applications, and behavior change techniques. Our most effective programs, allow for our MSD Specialists to routinely spend time with employees (pre and post training) by encouraging and coaching them until their newly learned behaviors become “second nature.”

Accurate Ergonomics also offers ergonomics assessments, excellent training programs, and innovative SMART technology solutions targeted at do-it-yourself posture correction, heart rate, heat stress, and other critical elements in keeping workers healthy and safe. By properly addressing these challenges, clients of Accurate Ergonomics have achieved amazing outcomes! Typical results show a dramatic decrease in employee injuries, benefiting both employees and employers in countless ways.

If you want to learn more about what ergonomics is, and how Accurate Ergonomics may help with your company’s Ergonomics and MSD Injury Prevention challenges, contact Accurate Ergonomics today at 866-950-ERGO (3746), or email us at info@accurateergonomics.com.

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