Remote Ergonomics Assessments

If you have not yet read the Individual Ergonomics Assessments page you should start there. If you are ready to request an assessment please fill out the form below. Once this request has been received we will forward you a link giving you access to our Ergonomics Assessment Intake Form.

Request for Ergonomics Assessment

  • Requesting an Ergonomics Assessment Appointment:

    Below is the information required to set up an appointment with you or your employee. Please complete this form and send it on to us. You, or the employee that needs the assessment will be contacted shortly.
  • Company Information

  • Employee Information

  • What part or parts of your body are experiencing fatigue, discomfort or pain? What are your challenges? What have you tried already and how well did that work?
  • Note: All times are PST.
  • Enter a date, or leave blank if it makes no difference.
    In order to perform a remote ergonomics assessment the person receiving the assessment must have a working webcam. The person being assessed must also have phone and internet access, and be able to participate in a Go To Meeting session, including the ability to video chat.
    A basic summary, including recommendations is included. Detailed assessment reports require additional time, and generally add one to two hours of fees to the above pricing.
    By authorizing this assessment, client agrees to pay the fees associated with this assessment.
  • Thank You, We look forward to working with you. Team Accurate