Accurate Ergonomics offers numerous products which have been proven to help companies and their most valuable assets, their employees, maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent future MSD Injuries and Illness, including:

  • Do It Yourself Training Programs
  • Web-Based Training (Q1 2014)
  • Online Ergonomics Assessments (At-Desk Workers)
  • Training Materials
    • Basic Training Guide
    • Advanced Training Manual
  • Personal Reminders
  • Facility/Department Reminders
  • Posters
  • Ergonomic Task Performance Guides
  • Countermeasure Support
  • Surveys
  • Office Equipment Referrals
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats
  • New Invention – Coming Soon!
  • More to follow!

If you would like more information on which products may best support your Injury Prevention initiatives and/or more specific information on all product options, please contact Accurate Ergonomics today at 866-950-ERGO (3746), or email us at

Accurate Ergonomics: “ We’ve got you covered!”