Our Mission

Our Goal

We strive to help organizations define and manage their Ergonomics and MSD Injury and Illness Prevention Programs, in a way which saves them time and money, are highly effective, and promote multi-level positive change. Our process inspires leadership and provides organizations with a clear path and the tools necessary to navigate a course of continuous improvement. The ultimate goal is to achieve sustainable, World-Class Injury Prevention Excellence and a Culture of Prevention.

Our Commitment

We are 100% committed to “preventing the preventable,” in every situation possible. Most injuries simply do not have to happen! Our primary goal is to help our clients build sustainable, high-performance, healthy, injury-free workforces. The results are increased long-term profitability and employment opportunities, a healthy business life cycle, and a profitable bottom-line.

Our Experience and Strength

Since 1987, our programs have helped hundreds of companies save millions of dollars in both the direct and indirect costs associated with injuries. We have also proudly helped a countless number of employees prevent themselves and their coworkers from having to experience painful injuries, empowering them with the knowledge necessary to do so. We have gone to great lengths to create programs which actually work, and through our years of practical experience have witnessed almost every imaginable scenario, so our clients don’t have to. You do not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to great new Ergonomic ideas and solutions, we already have.

For Employees

When it comes to your employees, our process helps them to permanently change their behaviors, habits, and perceptions both at work and at home. We help to empower your employees by delivering meaningful information, along with the motivation to encourage them to actually want to change. Employees are then able to work and live a healthy, pain-free, and productive life. A genuine win-win!

The Ultimate Goal

Musculoskeletal disorders (typically backs, shoulders, necks and knees), have high human and financial costs and are often preventable with the right team and the right tools in place. A comprehensive, “prevention-based” approach must be taken in order to combat all causative risk factors, which include both workplace and human factors.

The ultimate goal of our Ergonomics and MSD Injury Prevention system, is that no person or event, change in process or leadership, or distraction of any kind, will have the power to impede progress or negatively alter the intended course of excellent safety standards and prevention, in any organization. The end goal is to have “zero-preventable injuries, incidents, accidents or deaths.” With our system in place, when a new employee enters your workforce, they are immediately supplied with the knowledge, training, equipment, and tools they need for their success and the success of their coworkers. They are also welcomed into a well-defined Culture of Safety and Prevention. A culture where safe, prevention-based behaviors are encouraged, communicated and “actually practiced” on a daily basis by all, and where unsafe postures are both recognized immediately and corrected on the spot!