MSD Injury Prevention Training

The POWER to Change!

Training is the most valuable tool a company has in its safety arsenal. Effective Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Injury Prevention Training is the single best investment an organization will make. Accurate Ergonomics offers the most effective ergonomics and behavior-based MSD Injury Prevention education and training programs currently available, as well as a full spectrum of proven prevention-based solutions. Our training programs and posture training solutions give employers numerous, affordable options for providing powerful education and skills training, positive behavior-change, and structured behavior reinforcement for every employee.

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Subject Matter and Behavioral Change Experts (Specialists) provide profound education and biomechanics skills training via the POWER Program (Positive Outcomes in Wellness, Ergonomics and Risk™), which motivates employees and their leaders to take personal responsibility as well as peer-to-peer accountability for every worker, every day! The result is, preventable and painful MSD Injuries are greatly reduced or simply do not occur. Our training programs are cutting edge and use the latest audience participation technology. POWER Training Modules are fun and engaging, highly informative, and always lead to genuine behavior and postural change. Training program benefits include:

  • High Engagement at All Levels,

  • High Levels of Information and Skills Retention,

  • Greatly Increased Postural Efficiency Levels,

  • Substantial Reductions in MSD Injuries and Illnesses,

  • Reduced Fatigue, Discomfort and Pain Levels,

  • Reduced Slips, Trips and Falls,

  • Lower Workers’ Comp Insurance Costs,

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity,

  • Improved Workforce Morale,

  • Increased Leadership Effectiveness at all Levels,

  • Improved Employee Health and Wellness,

  • Reduced Absenteeism, Presenteeism and DART Days,

  • Lower Injury Rates and EMR’s,

  • Increased Profits,

  • An Enhanced Safety Culture and Culture of Prevention.

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“The training I received not only changed my posture, it changed my life in many ways.”  Matt T – POWER Graduate

When it comes to cultivating and maintaining a healthy, injury-free workforce and creating a Culture of Prevention, we highly recommend that you put your resources to their highest and most effective use by teaming up with Accurate Ergonomics and Balance and Motion for Health.

Powerful, positive change for your entire workforce!

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