MSD Audits and Assessments

The POWER to Change

Ergonomics, MSD Injury Prevention and Culture Change efforts are only as effective as their design, implementation and follow through. The most accurate way to determine the possibility of an undesired outcome and measure your company’s appetite for risk is through our MSD Audit and Risk Assessment process. Our specialists identify MSD Risk and Hazards (wherever they exist), with emphasis on risk factors which are “known” to cause cumulative stress, trauma and soft tissue injuries. The POWER Program (Positive Outcomes in Wellness, Ergonomics and Risk™), includes routine audits and assessments which ensure that risk-reduction and abatement procedures and protocols are in place, being followed, and that targeted positive outcomes are occurring.

Bending 1  Assessment 5  Bending 6  Assessment 1

Our process uncovers both risk and “at-risk behaviors,” which are known to exist in every organization, workforce and by almost every employee. Ergonomic risk (injury potential) is not easily identified by an untrained eye and is often overlooked (and at times even rewarded), by internal processes and productivity pressures.

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Has it been more than 12 months since your last MSD Audit and Assessment?

If you answered yes, it’s time to call Accurate Ergonomics.

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