Message From Our Founders

Welcome to Accurate Ergonomics.

We invite you to stay as long as you can, and encourage you to join our Circle of Prevention during your visit.

A message from our Founder and CEO, Dr. Sheila sheilaO’Halloran: “If your organization is seeking safety solutions that address the challenges of today and tomorrow, we salute you for being proactive. If you are looking for highly effective ergonomics and injury prevention training, to increase safe-behaviors, and to prevent loss by reducing risk and eliminating costly injuries, you are in the right place. Our experts promise to deliver custom, relevant, and affordable solutions for your organization, and to help your company build a healthy, sustainable bottom-line.”


A message from our President, Mark Worthen: “Whether you are a CEO, CFO, HR or Safety Manager, or a concerned Safety Leader, we guarantee that our services will provide you with real answers to some of your biggest and costliest challenges. If your desire is to positively impact your organization in a profound and meaningful way that is exactly what our services will help you to achieve.”

“Our Injury Prevention Specialists have developed a proven system and training process which can be delivered at an affordable price that actually changes employee’s perceptions, habits, and their behaviors while simultaneously developing strong internal leaders. Our solutions provide numerous benefits to employers and their employees, including: increased morale, efficiency and productivity, improved employee health and safety, and ultimately by creating a Culture of Prevention, which embraces and endures change.”