Mark Worthen


President, Accurate Ergonomics, LLC; CEO, Balance and Motion for Health, LLC.

Mark’s extensive portfolio of expertise includes: systems development, organizational effectiveness, strategic planning, and change management. His history includes both public and private sector experience. Mark’s proficiency in training began with his career as a firefighter in a large Bay Area city. Mark received a BS degree in fire science and also studied emergency medicine, becoming one of the first emergency medical technicians (EMT) in the North Bay Area. Mark began teaching first-aid, rescue and fire suppression courses when he was 18 years old. He then became interested in fire investigations and returned to school to study photography.

After retiring from firefighting, Mark unleashed his creative and entrepreneurial spirit in the private sector. First he turned his passion for photography into becoming an accomplished professional photographer. As a business owner, Mark was afforded the opportunity to perfect his organizational and business development skills. Mark then directed his energy toward helping other organizations achieve their strategic goals. He has assisted numerous companies in the: manufacturing, transportation, hospitality and finance sectors, by creating and designing profitable systems, and through the development of organizational and workplace cultures. Mark further assisted these companies by developing their human assets and in delivering highly effective educational and motivational training courses. Realizing his need for technological education, he returned to college where he received a degree in Information Technology.

After suffering a painful neck injury in the year 2000, Mark explored every treatment option available, in an attempt to overcome his pain. He even considered surgery. No solution totally relieved his pain until he tried Chiropractic. This was his first exposure to injury and illness prevention, as a lifestyle. In 2001 Mark was fortunate enough to attend one of Dr. Sheila O’Halloran’s training courses. He was so impressed by the progress he was able to make in a short period of time and was so appreciative of the knowledge and skills he acquired from Dr. Sheila’s training, that soon after that class he joined Balance and Motion for Health. Mark became an integral part of that company’s success. Helping people to change and giving them the tools they require to prevent themselves from having to suffer painful injuries, is so rewarding it has become Mark’s life work. Together, Mark and Dr. Sheila formed Accurate Ergonomics, an organization truly dedicated to the prevention of MSD injuries and illnesses, improving human performance and culture transformation. Today Mark inspires creative, innovative solutions for clients and their most valuable assets, their employees. Mark has become known for his organized and systematic approach to solving complex problems and achieving positive, measurable, and sustainable results.

Mark was born in San Francisco and raised in Marin County, California. Mark is the co-president and membership coordinator of the Grapevine Section of the San Francisco Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers.