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Accurate Ergonomics offers several different levels of service. These levels provide a client an opportunity to select both the depth and length of prevention-based solutions. The brief explanations below provide a basic understanding of service levels. Our specialists work directly with your staff to create a program specifically for your workforce and budget. Here are a few questions which may assist in selecting which level of services best suits your long-term goals.

  • How much of a difference does your company desire to make in order to fight back against future MSDs, Injuries and Illnesses… Surface level (flavor of the month) change, or genuine sustainable behavioral change?

  • Do you want to improve “some” of the most challenging injury prevention and health related issues employees face today… or the “vast majority” of them – all with one program?

  • How long of a commitment is your organization willing to make… Enough to reduce a portion of costs for a year or two, or long enough to substantially reduce direct and indirect loss over the next 30 years?

  • Does your organization want enough training to remain compliant, or does it desire a profound level of sustainable change to occur at multiple levels?

  • Does your company clearly see the long-term value which may be created by building a Culture of Prevention within your workforce?

We strongly believe that every solution contained within The POWER Program™ should be offered to every employee, from top management to the latest new hire. If an organization truly is committed to achieving “Zero Preventable Injuries” (year over year), and desires to build a workforce which will both meet and exceed the challenges of today and tomorrow, every element of The POWER Program must eventually be implemented. The question is, over what period of time would your company like to achieve “World-Class Efficiency and Injury Prevention Excellence?”

Whether it is 1, 2, or 3-5 years, our experts will customize a set of solutions to suit your company’s specific needs and resources.  In order to gain a better understanding of service levels, we have included a brief overview in a Metal Tier format. “Read More” options require a password or a guided tour by one of our experts. Call 1-866-950-3746 to schedule an on-line session or to receive a password.

PFP Logo for web Pause For Prevention™  ***New Program!***

  • Pause For Prevention™ (P4P) is a highly-effective, “do-it-yourself” ergonomics education and body mechanics skills-training course, developed by Ergonomics Specialists and Health Care Practitioners with over 25 years of experience.

  • Sitting has consequences. P4P is a program designed specifically for employees whom work at a desk (seated or standing) for 4 or more hours a day: Office Employees, Professional At-Desk Employees, Communication Centers, Dispatch and Control Room Operators, Administrative Employees, Laboratories, et. all.

  • P4P is for every at-desk employee, not just those who are symptomatic or may soon become a Worker’s Comp Case. Whether your company is currently experiencing costly MSD (soft-tissue) Injuries, or has gone more than a year without one, P4P: substantially reduces at-risk behaviors, improves personnel efficiency, and prevents fatigue, discomfort, pain and expensive MSD Injuries.

  • Just one Carpal Tunnel claim can cost over $60,000, and a back injury can cost $250k over three years.

  • P4P is the most dynamic program available. A training program which actually improves the health, behaviors and postures of vulnerable at-desk employees by addressing every known risk factor and leading indicator.

  • Internal leaders are provided a full training system. This includes every tool and form necessary in order to implement and follow through with an effective program (instructions, self-evaluations, pre and post testing, wall size posters, and much more). 

  • Ergonomics and MSD Injury Prevention Training is provided at each employee’s individual workstation. P4P is self-paced and designed to be taken while normal work duties are performed.

  • Employees are provided an in-depth, engaging training experience, which includes: 6 Powerful Training Modules, self-improvement and commitment worksheets, and a full workstation, equipment and postural self-evaluation and self-improvement process. 

  • Pause For Prevention is a dynamic program which allows employers to provide highly-effective ergonomics and MSD Injury Prevention Training at a truly affordable price point. Read More. 


    Lead – SAFE Stretching

  • SAFE (Stretching and Flexibility Exercises): This program is designed to “Get The Lead Out.” The “Lead” Level is for employers who would like to implement a new warm-up and stretch program, or audit and refresh a current program. The goal is to assure that a program is safe, effective and encourages every employee (every body) to incorporate motion into their workday.

  • Maintaining flexibility is one of the many core components included in the complete POWER (education and training) Program (see below) and in our “Prescription for Sustainable Success™.” We recommend that every employer implement and maintain a robust SAFE stretch program. Read More.


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Copper  Copper – Do-It-Yourself

  • Copper is the most basic level of The POWER Program. Accurate supplies all of the materials needed via our “Doc-In-A-Box™” Program. With this program internal leaders are able to provide an effective training experience for local employees. Copper is a great choice for companies which may currently lack the budget to invest in a higher level of services, but still desire to make a meaningful difference in the prevention of MSDs (Injuries).

  • Copper is also a good choice for companies which have substantial internal talent, a training delivery structure already in place and are looking for something new and different in order to advance their workforce Health & Safety efforts. Read More.


          Bronze – Train The Leaders

  • If your company is up to the challenge and desires to either train your own workforce, or to substantially increase the knowledge, confidence and effectiveness of your leaders and front-line supervisors, Bronze is the perfect solution.

  • Our specialists fully educate and train internal leaders and front-line supervisors. In this way, key personnel may engage in a robust training experience, whether delivered internally or externally. Read More.


    Silver – Basic POWER

  • At the Silver Level, subject matter experts (specialists), deliver an effective and meaningful training experience for front-line and at-desk employees, over a 1 to 6 month period of time. Silver includes many elements of the POWER Program, however: assessments are basic, leadership development training is optional (included in Gold and above levels), postural and behavioral data is not collected, there is no formal risk mitigation process, and on-site reinforcement of skills and other program elements are of a limited duration.

  • Gold and Platinum Levels include a long-term strategy and process for achieving a high level of sustainable, measurable results.  Read More.


   Gold – Advanced POWER

  • At the Gold Level, subject matter and behavioral change experts provide a dynamic and profound training experience for every employee, over a 12 to 36 month period of time. The difference between Silver and Gold is the depth and length of services provided.

  • The Gold Level includes premium services, such as: A Level 2 Assessment, Leadership and Supervisor Development Training, On-Site Skills Reinforcement and Precision Development Training, Employee Observations and Individual Coaching Sessions, Postural Data Collection, Advanced Materials, and much more. Read More.


      Platinum – Ultimate POWER

  • At the Platinum Level, specialists provide a vast array of premier services. A profound level of both workforce behavior and culture change occurs over a 12 to 60 month period of time. Platinum Level programs are designed to meet and exceed both current and future needs. The difference between Gold and Platinum is the: Degree of Customization, the Depth and Breadth of Services Provided, the Duration of On-Site Skills Reinforcement and Precision Development Training, and a Multi-Faceted Level of Program Support.

  • From the beginning, every attempt is made to customize each solution to be as relevant to the work, tasks, tools and equipment used by employees. Also to reflect the environment and culture of a company, facility or department. We use your company’s logos, colors and more to create and deliver a unique, highly-effective training experience.

  • At the completion of a Platinum Program (optional in Gold), your company (location) becomes a licensed user of a fully customized version of The POWER Program - a huge added value because now you are set for life. Read More

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The most important thing to us is that your company gets started. In every case, the beginning process starts out the same, with the gathering of information. As we become familiar with a new client, the best direction and the best level of service will become easy to choose.


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