Individual Ergonomics Assessments

If your company has office or administrative employees who spend a majority of their time working at a desk, you probably receive complaints about discomfort and pain. Most of these complaints probably involve back, shoulder, neck and wrist pain, which can be common when people sit at a desk for extended periods of time. Perhaps it’s their chair that is causing the problem, or maybe the placement of their monitor. There are many factors which may cause these conditions, or symptoms: phone use, typing, using pointing devices, reading copy – and the list goes on. You’ve probably already invested some money in new office equipment but have found that these new ergo-friendly additions only fixed part of the problem. As is usually the case, these symptoms will persist simply because typically the underlying problem is often the employee’s posture. That is where our expertise come into play, behavioral ergonomics.

We work with many communication centers, where employees sit and operate complex equipment, which includes multiple monitors and hours of multitasking. Their workday also lasts for 12 to 24 hours at a time, so every condition is exaggerated. We apply the same solutions which work for these employees to every at-desk employee we have the opportunity to work with.

Here are three levels of Ergonomics Assessments available to you:

  • Basic Assessment: Every “at-desk” employee should have a basic ergonomics assessment performed. This can be done via a checklist and through a self-evaluation process. The forms required to accomplish this are available under “Ergonomics Assessment Forms” on our site. A password is required unless you are a client, and can be obtained by calling us at 1-866-950-ERGO. Self assessments provide every employee an opportunity to make some of their own changes, perhaps abating their need for a more detailed assessment.

  • Detailed Assessment: If an employee is reporting any early warning signs of fatigue, discomfort or pain (see early warning signs), they most likely need a more in-depth, detailed assessment performed. This can be accomplished via an on-site visit from one of our experts, or can be accomplished over the phone. The telephone process requires that someone in the office take several digital (cellphone/tablet camera) photographs of the subject employee at their desk, and that the subject employee complete a few forms. These are then sent back to us via email (see below) prior to the detailed assessment appointment. Another option is to perform an assessment on-line via an audio/video conference (see remote below). The forms required for a detailed assessment are located on our site. All you have do to is call us for the password and to set up an appointment with our specialist. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Time required: Approximately 1.0 hour. Includes a summary of findings and recommendations. Cost: $275.00.

  • Symptomatic: If an employee is hurting, maybe even considering filing a Workers’ Comp claim, immediate attention (intervention) by one of our specialists can often turn that situation around, saving potentially many thousands of dollars in the process. Symptomatic employees receive a detailed assessment, and also receive valuable one-on-one time with Dr. Sheila or one of our other Doctor Certified specialists. As outlined above, this can be accomplished via an on-site visit or an on-line audio/video conference (see remote below). The subject employee completes a few forms, then a follow up in-person visit or an on-line appointment is conducted to make adjustments and recommendations. Note: Detailed written (med-legal type) reports are additional. Time required: 1.5 hours. Cost: $395.00.

  • Remote Assessments: Are perfect for telecommuters, satellite offices, sales staff, etc. Really, anyone with a spine can benefit from some time with Dr. Sheila or one of our Doctor Certified specialists. Remote assessments require photographs be taken (see above), and/or that the subject employee have an operational webcam built into or mounted on top of their monitor. Notes: 1. Remote assessments are only used for detailed and symptomatic assessments. 2. The employee’s computer must have the ability (at least for the assessment), to engage in a Go-To-Meeting. 3. Reports are posted on-line and hosted on your own personal, password protected web page – all for your convenience. Time required 10-90 minutes. Cost: $275-395.00 depending on the level of assessment and reporting needed.

Our Signature Detailed & Symptomatic Assessments Include:

  • A Complete Assessment of Your Employees Workstation
  • Workstation and Equipment Adjustment Recommendations
  • Equipment Use Recommendations
  • Behavioral and Postural Recommendations
  • A Personal Action Plan
  • A Custom Stretch Routine
  • At-Desk Reminder Posters (optional)
  • Equipment Recommendations (as/if needed only)

Ergonomics Training

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We offer on-site Ergonomics training classes designed to address the needs of many at-desk employees, all at the same time. These classes are educational, fun and motivating for every employee. Everything an employee needs to know in order to maintain their health and not become a victim of a painful injury is covered in class. Classes are 90 minutes long. Once training is concluded, employees receive chair-side, one-on-one attention during either a basic or detailed assessment depending on their individual needs. Maximum class size is 15 employees. This format is also a great way to begin a group stretching and flexibility program started.

Whatever your employee’s needs are, we have great ergonomics solutions for them… Real solutions that both work – and last!

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