Ergonomics Assessments

Ergonomics evaluations and assessments are a critical part of a successful Ergonomics and MSD Injury Prevention program. It has been repeatedly shown that poorly designed ergonomics in the workplace, combined with a lack of effective education and training, result in productivity decline as well as an increase in MSD Injuries and Worker’s Compensation and disability costs. Whether employees are performing manual material handling, repetitive tasks or sitting at a desk, the intent of ergonomics is to adjust both the work environment and the employee, so that work may be performed safely and with minimal potential for injury or Musculoskeletal distress. To ensure that equipment and processes are properly engineered for maximum operator health, safety and comfort, (combined with efficient productivity), Accurate Ergonomics provides a broad spectrum of ergonomic assessment and training solutions.

An ergonomic assessment may be performed for any employee engaged in a variety of activities or tasks. For at-desk workers, having the right equipment and tools for the job is important, however, how an employee uses and engages with their equipment and tools is a critical piece of solving long-term ergonomics challenges. Our MSD specialists work with your employees to identify and measure: fatigue and discomfort levels, postural efficiency and cumulative stressors, barriers, MSD hazards and challenges, desktop equipment and technology, furnishings (such as chairs), workstation set-up, green zone organization, and much more. Our MSD experts are focused on reducing at-risk behaviors and to improve efficient postural development. We offer chair-side education and training with behavior reinforcement regarding efficient postures and countermeasure techniques.

When you request ergonomic evaluations from Accurate Ergonomics, you receive focused, high-quality assessments from a “Dr. Certified” Specialist. We provide preventive evaluations as part of your new proactive plan, to ensure the ongoing and improved health and safety of your employees. In addition, we offer “symptomatic” assessments as well as post injury evaluations, which ensure an employee’s safe return to work.

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