A Culture of Prevention

Knowledge is powerful! It also is the main reason our programs include dynamic MSD Prevention Education and Training. However, knowledge alone does not change or create safe behaviors. Knowledge without action does not prevent MSD Injuries and Illnesses. Organizational and workforce cultures play an enormous role regarding the prevention of incidents and injuries on both a daily and long-term basis.

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Accurate Ergonomics will help your company develop a culture, based entirely on prevention. We will utilize a process wherein your current safety culture is integrated with and into, a new Culture of Prevention. A Culture of Prevention is the next big step in every organization, a much needed move beyond safety. Some experts call this the wave of the future, but we have been successfully developing prevention-based cultures for over 25 years.



Isn’t it time your company engaged in something profound?


Finally, there is now a way to get in front – and stay in front of MSD Injuries!

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