Developing A Culture of Prevention

At Accurate Ergonomics we are change experts, especially behavioral change. This is because behaviors drive cultures and cultures drive behaviors. Every solution we provide, elevates the health and the skills of employees while simultaneously enhancing organizational and workforce cultures. We effectively measure the safety and prevention culture climate of your organization by using our climate and perception survey process. It is a comprehensive way to see what’s working and what’s not, and where critical gaps as well as golden opportunities may coexist.

Our experts will help you create and implement an easy (step-by-step) process, which will instill prevention-based behaviors and actions at all levels of your organization. Together, we create a caring environment where people communicate in a new way, one which promotes positive behavioral and postural change.


The process of developing a Culture of Prevention begins on day one and with our first contact with your organization. We begin to build the foundation of your new (or enhanced) culture with an audit and assessment. The process then continues to build on itself during the training phase and becomes sustainable and firmly rooted during the reinforcement and support phases of our “fully implemented” programs. A Culture of Prevention is truly the legacy any company and every employee want to leave for the next person hired. After all, it could be your son or daughter who gets hired next!

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