Behavior-Based Prevention

Excellent education and training does in fact prevent MSD Injuries, however, training by itself typically does not lead to high rates of “sustainable” MSD Injury reduction, long term. The behaviors and habits of employees must be modified and positively encouraged over a long enough period of time to achieve sustainable success. Accurate Ergonomics has developed a strategic process which engages employees at all levels, in the effort to promote postural change and healthy, prevention-based behaviors. Our on-site reinforcement and behavior-based programs supplement and support your internal leaders and pave the way for positive, measurable results for every client. We guarantee our results!

Behavior-Based Prevention (BBP) is a means of optimizing employee efficiency and performance by utilizing positive reinforcement. When employees take shortcuts or work with inefficient postures, they are generally motivated to do so from the outcomes they hope to achieve. Examples of such employee perceptions: these “short cuts” create an easier working system or process or a simpler way of engaging in tasks. Almost always, every employee we have an opportunity to interact with, tells us (and has a genuine belief that) they “do not have the time to perform tasks in an ergonomically correct, efficient, and protective posture.” Other famous employee quotes over the years include, “it won’t happen to me,” “there is nothing I can really do to keep safe other than stay home,” “today is an exception, we don’t do this very often,” “it doesn’t weigh anything, so why bother to do it right?” and our personal favorite, “Hey, I have been doing it this way for over twenty years, why change now?”

A prevention-based behavior is any behavior which has a positive impact on a potential outcome or future consequence.

The more prevention, the better the outcome!

If any of this resonates with you or you have heard this before and feel helpless as to solutions, you must call Accurate Ergonomics today. “We’ve got your back!”

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