An Inside Look at MSD Prevention

In an increasingly globalized and competitive economy, a growing number of organizations are seeking real health and safety solutions, which increase efficiency and productivity, manage and reduce risk, and prevent loss. Today, when business leaders take an in-depth look at the number and cost of MSD injuries and Illnesses, and fully comprehend the insidious nature and effect these maladies have on their entire enterprise, it becomes easy to see the severity of the situation and the need to place a high value on its cure. There are many risk factors at play with today’s workforce, as well as common barriers which add substantial weight to this potentially tragic equation.

Accurate Ergonomics understands that it may be difficult for Tasking 3an untrained eye or casual observer to recognize these devastating conditions and to connect their causal relationship, however there are a few simple facts which cannot be ignored. Every employee grows older every day and only a very small percentage of employees use their bodies in an efficient and protective manner, no matter what tasks or duties they perform. Or, the key factor, when no one else is watching! If you are a business owner, or are charged with keeping people safe and free from injury or harm, this may not be good news, but it is factual. A majority of today’s workers have never effectively been taught why or how to take care of their health, especially their Musculoskeletal System. Workplace health and wellness is important, and wellness is integrated into our complete system, however, most workers and supervisors do not possess the specific knowledge, skills, or motivation necessary for success regarding the prevention of injuries and illnesses. Employees generally have not been sufficiently exposed to real, practical solutions or effective countermeasures, which actually change outcomes from the negative to positive, and provide long-lasting results.

This alone may come as a shock to many executives and safety managers. An overwhelming number of employees in every company feel that there is “little or nothing they can do” to prevent an MSD or other Injury, and feel that there is just “not enough time” to perform their tasks in a completely safe manner. Studies conclusively show that these common perceptions and conditions significantly pave the way for negative and costly consequences to occur – it’s just a matter of time! Our behavior-based education and training system and patented posture training solutions shatter these misconceptions.

Over the past few years, OSHA has intensified its focus on MSDs and has shed more light than ever on MSD injuries and illnesses, and the devastating consequences which result from them. In the past, many companies only focused on what they were “required to do” in order to remain compliant with safety regulations. Today, business leaders are, “connecting the dots” around MSDs and are clearly seeing that change is not only warranted in every organization and workforce, change is absolutely necessary to ensure economic success. Whether you would like assistance to gain a consensus on this critical issue in order to move your organization forward, or you clearly see the numerous benefits of creating a Culture of Prevention within your organization, our experts stand ready to help.

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If your company has invested wisely in safety, but hasn’t seen the level of improvement expected, or progress has stalled for some reason (perhaps injuries and costs are rising), or you would just like to raise your bar even a bit higher, Accurate Ergonomics will make all the difference in the world. 

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