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Balance and Motion for Health was founded over 25 years ago by Dr. Sheila O’Halloran. After treating thousands of injured workers and their families for over 15 years, it was evident that a large majority of the injuries her patients suffered could have been prevented. Dr. O’Halloran became troubled by the startling statistics of: the high volume of workplace injuries, the rising cost of healthcare and treatment costs associated with MSDs, and ever increasing Workers’ compensation insurance costs. This combined with an increasing obesity rate, a general lack of basic self care knowledge by her average patient, and the growing number of aging workers, Dr. O’Halloran made a decision that she had seen enough human and financial pain and suffering. She then put her years of practical experience to great use; she set out to create a program focused solely on the prevention of injuries, not on their treatment.

In 2002, Dr. Sheila and Mark Worthen founded Accurate Ergonomics. Their vision was to improve the health and safety of organizations and their workforces, and to help prevent “preventable injuries and preventable losses” from occurring. Their experience, along with extensive research proved that when a neutral third party, who is an expert in Musculoskeletal Disorders, fills essential knowledge gaps through dynamic and meaningful education and training, change actually occurs.

Their research and reproducible client results, also confirmed that when an MSD specialist provides relevant practical skills training for employees and their leaders, profound levels of change are achievable and sustainable. Time and time again, as a result of their process, workplace injuries were drastically reduced, morale and productivity improved substantially and workers increasingly became healthier and happier.

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Dr. Sheila and Mark designed a unique system which provides employees a practical and meaningful education and training experience, motivates employees to take personal responsibility, and creates team accountability. The goal: to protect every employee from becoming the victim of painful MSD injuries! The success of Accurate Ergonomics, has proven that when it comes to MSD Injury Prevention and to “actually change” people’s behaviors and habits, it takes experienced specialists to create the learning environment necessary for this success. This factor is also critical to gain the buy-in and support necessary, at every level of an organization, for continuous improvement to occur, thus creating a true Culture of Prevention.

Accurate Ergonomics is a Regional and National network of MSD Specialists. We are led by a team of: Healthcare Practitioners, Ergonomists, Health & Safety Specialists, Data Analysts, Behavior Change Experts, “Dr. Certified” Trainers and Consultants, a Graphic Design Team and a Professional Photographer. We offer premier services: meaningful education, outstanding posture efficiency training, behavior-change coaching, and ongoing support, all of which achieve truly remarkable results.

Our system incorporates a structured approach and an easy to follow process. Our process also ensures that every employee and leader is equally included and engaged in the art of prevention, on a daily basis. We have proven that MSD Injury and Illness Prevention not only pay for themselves, but a focus on Prevention-Based Behaviors at a workplace also pays long-term dividends.

We are so confident in this claim, that we guarantee positive monetary and cultural results.

Our MSD Injury & Illness Prevention and cutting edge Posture Training Solutions lead the way in today’s marketplace.

  • Our systematic approach includes the application of countermeasures.

  • Our structured reinforcement options ensure sustainable results.

  • Our process has achieved positive, measurable results for 100% of our clients.

  • Employees rate our programs 99.7 out of 100! (see testimonials)

  • Certify your leaders with our Injury Prevention Leadership Academy, MSD Leadership & Supervisor Development, or Train-The-Trainer programs.

We Help Organizations Prevent the Preventable!

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Want to build a healthy, injury-free workforce and a true Culture of Prevention? Call an Accurate Ergonomics expert today at: 866-950-ERGO (3746), or email us at prevention@accurateergonomics.com.

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